via Daily Prompt: Silence

Sometimes the silence of the heart isn’t where I hear You speak. Sometimes it’s in a room in a house filled with people that everyone is a little bit too squished and a little bit too hot. Maybe it’s there, when the singing of sixty people fades away to simply accompaniment, that I hear how wanted I am. How even though it’s been a while since I’ve talked to You, You’re waiting for me to come to You in the silence.

Silence lets me sob and lean into the pain and fear and sadness I’ve been feeling over the past 18 months and share it with You. Silence gives me a moment. It gives me space, and I don’t have to worry about what’s happening in my life (the finances, the relationship with my mom, the distance between me and the one I love more than anything on earth).

Silence is a breath, and I haven’t been able to breathe too often these days. The past five months, I’ve been gasping for air and distracting myself from the silence to avoid the thoughts that come with that.

Silence is what I’m looking forward to in my life now that things have settled.

moment : Drink your coffee outside, early in the morning and watch the sunrise as the birds wake up. That’s the kind of silence that makes life worth living.




visible invisibility


extra credit for being on time ? anyone ? please ??

traveling to a church an hour and fifteen minutes away for a 9 am class sounds kind of awful. especially when the church is way cooler in photos than in person. however, it’s kinda neat to see a building so different and unique to rome. so thanks, Dr. Hadley, for taking us to a place that actually makes us work to understand what’s going on in the architecture.

chiesa santo volto di gesù. part of the jubilee initiative of JPII.

chiesa santo volto di gesù.
part of the jubilee initiative of JPII.

dancing the night away


discotecas are so fun. go to one when you study abroad. go to many. experience them all. there’s nothing quite like dancing with strangers for hours on end and going home so tired you just pass out in bed. some of my best bonding moments have happened during dancing nights, and I’ve also met some of the coolest people in the most unexpected places.

take a chance and dance. you won’t regret it.